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Essentials for your beach vacay

Make sure you have all you need to make your San Martinho beach holiday not only memorable but also sunburn free! Here are our suggestions for what to pack for your highly anticipated beach holiday:

  • Sunscreen – Protect your skin and make sure you re-apply according to instructions. A sunburn is the quickest way to ruin a seaside holiday.
  • Water – Stay hydrated.
  • Costume – While this is a no brainer, we suggest you bring more than one – there’s nothing worse than getting into a wet costume!
  • Flip flops – You’ll probably want to go barefoot and feel that glorious sand between your toes most of the time but the sand might be hot during the middle of the day, pack a pair to be safe.
  • Sunglasses – Make sure your polarized sunglasses protect you 100% from harsh UV rays.
  • Waterproof cameras or waterproof housing for your phone – San Martinho Beach Club is located in one of the most beautiful spots on earth, always make sure you’ve got your camera handy for those Insta-worthy moments.
  • Beach bag – To carry everything in. If you’re going on the water taxi or wanting to take photos while you indulge in some watersports, a waterproof or dry bag might be better.
  • Beach umbrella or hat – Make sure you have shade when the sun gets too hot!